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Selected World Partners

  • Luximoti


    LUXIMOTI is a real estate agency specialized in the “de luxe” segment of the market. With us you will find an exclusive selection of the most prestigious apartments, houses, villas, offices, shops, plots in all of the hottest world destinations. We work only in the “de luxe” segment of the market and serve our clients in a manner and up to standards meeting the best world practice.

  • Go Halkidiki

    Go Halkidiki

    Halkidiki attracts every year a great number of tourists as it offers a unique nature, remote bays, a sea clear as a crystal, beautiful small islands and picturesque villages where one can admire the traditional architecture. It also combines the sea with the mountain, peace and nightlife, ancient and modern culture. Every town has it own unique story and its own glory.

  • Bulgarian Properties

    Bulgarian Properties

    BULGARIAN PROPERTIES is a leading company with long experience in the field of sale, construction, repair works and management of properties in Bulgaria. Our team of professionals will readily answer all your queries regarding buying real estate in Bulgaria and will give you objective advice in accordance with your requirements. We have a well developed network of more than 15 offices and representatives in the big cities around the country and in many resorts. We also have representatives abroad where our clients will find the full range of properties we offer in Bulgaria

  • Greek Properties

    Greek Properties

    The company Greek Properties, manages properties in the area of ​​Thessaloniki and the surrounding suburbs. It's area of specialization is in real estate, buying and selling in properties, homes and land but also in leasing commercial properties.

  • Cisco


    Cisco is Corporate world leader in the design and construction of network equipment. It has won several awards for its products, while its services can fulfil the needs of small businesses and residences up to multinationals giant companies.

  • Google


    Google is the number one search engine in the world. The company provides a wide range of online services and software in various fields. It ranks among the companies with the largest market capitalization in the world.

  • Yandex


    Yandex (in russian Яндекс) is a company which operates the largest search engine in Russia with about 60% of the market in the country. It is ranked as the 5th world-wide search engine with more than 25 million visitors per day. The company's mission is to answer every question the user thinks.

  • Facebook


    Facebook is the number one social networking site in the world, right now counts slightly less than 1 billion users worldwide. The company is developing and continually expanding with new services and products.

  • YouTube


    No real estate description can compare to seeing what it's all about in some way. In our Youtube channel, you can do exactly that. Videos with our properties are uploaded, so you can view each property's spaces, view, etc. and see if it's what you're looking for.

  • Xrisi Eykairia

    Xrisi Eykairia

    Xrisi Eykairia is the largest and most famous ad paper in Greece. Our real estate properties are published in Xrisi Eykairia regularly and the property list is constantly refreshed, so that its readers learn about our available properties.

  • Xrisi Eykairia Property

    Xrisi Eykairia Property

    Xrisi Eykairia Property is a specialized ad paper being published along with Xrisi Eykairia. Its main focus is real estate property. Buying, selling, rentals, every kind of real estate transaction is here. Our properties are published on Xrisi Eykairia Property and daily updated, so its readers can benefit from us.

  • Twitter


    One of the two major social networking sites, Twitter offers us the ability to become known to you through the social web. In our Twitter channel, you can learn about us easily.

  • SEO PowerSuite

    SEO PowerSuite

    Featuring a wide array of tools, SEO PowerSuite software augments our efforts to maintain our site visibility on high levels, in order to become better known to new clients around the world.

  • ToSpitiMou


    In ToSpitiMou, you can find quality ads on real estate, including newly-built properties, renovated houses, student's accomodations and many opportunities from select property agencies. Our company is one of the select real estate agencies allowed to post property ads on the ToSpitiMou website.

  • Spitogatos


    Spitogatos (literally, House Cat) is a real estate advertisement webpage. It offers many different funcionalities, in order to facilitate your real estate search. All of our properties can be found on the Spitogatos webpage.

  • Spiti24


    The Spiti24 site is regularly updated and contains the best suggestions based on a client's needs, along with descriptions, photos and city maps. Our company uploads its offers and services on the spiti24 database and updates them regularly.

  • SEOmoz


    A collection of tools augmenting and assisting every SEO effort, with advice by leading experts in the online marketing field. We communicate with SEOmoz's experts to make sure our content is constantly updated, fresh and in keeping with quality guidelines in order to provide you with a rich, informative and easy to navigate site.

  • SEOpult


    An SEO firm recognized worldwide, SEOpult offers us SEO data and metrics from all the major russian search engines (, yandex), so our russian clients can find us more easily.

  • NeoAkinito

    NeoAkinito, through its thousands of ads on property, links the interested parties and the real estate professionals, through its functionalities. Our properties are uploaded on the website and are constantly updated.

  • Immowelt


    The Immowelt internet portal is the link of every real estate businessman in Germany, having the largest real estate database in the german real estate market. It offers advertisements on properties in the german market, allowing our company to expand its activities there, too.

  • Home Greek Home

    Home Greek Home

    Home Greek Home is the international edition of Spitogatos. As with its local version, its functionalities ensure that the prospective client will find what he's looking for. Our properties are uploaded in Home Greek Home's database, so that every interested client can look them up, making use of the site's features.

  • My Greek Property

    My Greek Property

    On you can find quality real estate in Greece published by selected real estate agents. The site's database includes properties from all Greece, so naturally, our Halkidiki properties are included and updated regularly.

  • Greek Property Exchange

    Greek Property Exchange

    GreekPropertyExchange delivers a simplified, current and transparent website that brings you property listings from all over Greece. Its presence in the world’s top 20 Greek markets helps support the real estate needs of those living beyond the Greek borders. Our property listings are uploaded here as well, with regular updates on their status, pricing and availability.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is Google's contribution to SEO efforts worldwide. It allows webmasters to monitor their pages' course and apply necessary corrections to content. The data drawn from Google Analytics is then used to maintain our top spots in the results, allowing you to find us and profit from our services easily.